What We Did in May

May 5, 2011

We're done with OAAs! They were very long and we're glad they are over. We liked how they rearranged so we had only two tests in a week.

Thursday was Mrs. D's last day and we are sad to see her go. She taught us so much about bullying and how to react.

Mrs. Virost had 6 baby chicks hatch on Cinco de Mayo day. They are so cute and fluffy balls of fun.

Mrs. Coleman promised us that we would not have homework during OAAs. We just took one this week on Wednesday and didn't have homework all week.

                                                                                                Written by Brad and Brandon

May 20, 2011

On Thursday we did a Pop Can Roll. We had to put something in a pop can and tell why you thought it would go fast and straight. We had a track to roll it on measured in meters. Some people did another pop can for extra credit. Only one pop can went all the way to the wall.

On Friday we had an illustator come for Claire's Day. She showed us some of her drawings. The illustrator was Christina Wald. People gave her suggestions about what to draw for us.

Some of the Gateway teachers were here. They showed us a little bit about Gateway. There were teachers who were leaders of the two teams. One team is Team Intrepid and the other is Team Pinnacle.

We tried our Ferris wheels outside. They worked. We had to count how many revolutions they went in 15 seconds and then multiply it by 4 to find revolutions per minute.

Some people helped with kindergarten screening. The principal bought them lunch.

                                                                                                Written by Arielle and Samantha