What We Did in January

January 13, 2011

We just got back from camp. Camp was great. We all had a blast. Everyone seemed to like LCC. We're working on a Dining Hall poem.

Meg came to our class and we know that she likes purple. She decorated a room last year and this year she is decorating 2 rooms. She teaches kids about celebrating different cultures.

We are joining a competition with different schools to see who can be successful in the stock market. We watched a video about stocks and we each picked stocks to check on the computer every day.

We are making insulators with tons of different ideas like socks and styrofoam. We are seeing which ones can keep the hot water the warmest for the longest time.

Alex was our V.I.P this week. Math Stars are Brad, Kyrie, Colin, Nick, and Alex.

                                                                                                                            Written by Nick and Olivia

January 21, 2011

We just found our name for our stock team. The name is STARZ. Next week we are going to pick the four stocks in our portfolio.

We missed a whole day of school for Martin Luther King Jr. day. We also missed Wednesday because it was a snow day, and we had a two delay on Friday. We missed art and library this week.

Since it is the new semester we got new seats and new team names. Team Spicy is winning right now. We also got new seats in music.

Meg has brought her books and instruments and is setting up her room. We helped her unload her van. It was cold, it took two days, and there were several van loads.

Mason was our V.I.P. Skyler is back from the hospital. We celebrated Olivia's birthday. Brock is a new math star.

We read the book The Red Hen and have almost finished Molly Moon. Mrs. C just read a new book called Recess at 20 Below.                                                                                                           

                                                                                                                                Written by Alex and Kyrie

January 28, 2011

            It was an interesting week with Meg.  We had an assembly with her on the Early Release Day and then we spent the rest of the day with her.  It was lot of fun trying on the masks and finding about new cultures.  The clothes that we tried on were different an they were from China.  We got to have a mini parade.  We read a book called 14 Cows for America.  It reminded us of Meg.

            It was kind of hard to choose which stocks would be the best for the contest.  Our four stocks are First Solar, Apple, Ford, and Dick’s Sporting Goods.  Let’s hope they go up.

            We played a new game in gym called Golden Chicken.  It was crazy.  We got a 10 in music.  We now have Art twice a week instead of Phys Ed.

            We finished Molly Moon’s Incredible Book of Hypnotism on Thursday.  We would recommend this book to different classes.

            Teams Spicy and  Rainbow Skittles changed places in the classroom.  Our math stars are Desirae, Kyrie, and Nick K.  Mason was our V.I.P.

            We finished our camp letters to our cabin leaders.  We wrote the letters to says thanks for helping us through the week and for helping us have fun.

                                                                                            Written by Brandon R. and Colin