What We Did in February

February 11, 2011

Sad but true, we had our last assembly with Meg on Tuesday. On that same day we looked at her celebration boxes. She had amazing stories to tell. When we went to the assembly, we had the option of bringing our stuffed animals. We are all glad that she came to visit us. We hope she has more stories to tell when she comes back from India.

On Friday we had pajama day and popcorn Friday plus raffle tickets with the popcorn. Unluckily, none of us won a prize.

On Wednesday we helped out kindergarten buddies with valentines to give to the nursing home. Our kindergarten buddies just wanted everything on their valentines. They turned out very fancy. On Thursday we made our own valentines for the nursing home.

In art we finished our amazing fish. We got to sculpt them and then glaze them. We put them in the showcase and started making coral for our coral reef.

In math class we learned more about intergers. They have to do with positive and negative numbers.  In music we watched The Lion King to go along with our spring music program because we had a sub.  This week Chase was our V.I.P.

                                                                                                                  written by Crystal and Skyler

February 18, 2011

This week's math stars are Mason, Savanna, Alex, Megan. Blake, Olivia, Skyler, Lauren. This is the most math stars we've had in a week!

Susie came in and showed us how to take videos. She showed us some stuff that she does over at WGTE. She gave us some ideas about what to do in our videos. Susie is a producer at WGTE. We are making videos about math.

We had a fun Valentine's Day party. We got to play HEART and pass the prizes around. We made ice cream sundaes.

We did a science investigation about electricity. We tried to make light bulbs light up with wires and batteries. A lot of people got them to light up.

Desirae was our VIP. We don't have many more people to be VIP because most of the people have already been VIP.

                                                                                            Written by Bandon and Devin