What We Did in December

December 17, 2010

    This has been a crazy week. This Monday we had a Snow Day. We had no spelling this week because of it. On Tuesday the gingerbread houses went home. On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we made no bake cookies to share with our families for the Christmas season.

    Today was a great day! We went outside for the first time this week. Safety Patrol had a pizza party. Fairfield won the Great Escape contest for fire safety and our school got a check for $200 from the fire department. We got a 10 in Library and also got to watch a movie with the substitute librarian. We did fish sculptures in art and earned 10 points. We also earned 10 points in music. We practiced square dancing in gym to get ready for camp fun.

    Eric was our VIP for this week. Our math stars were Brad, Mason, Blake, Lucas, and Kyrie. We also got new books and AR quizzes to go with them. The new books look very interesting and will be fun to read. The class read Santa's Secrets Revealed and thought it was a great story. We had fun typing elf letters to our kindergarten buddies. On Wednesday everyone signed up for news and announcements so we got 100 points. Team Donuts are winning our point game right now. Our class has 520 points and when we get to 1,000 we will get to play a game.

                                                                                                                                Written by Mason and Nick