What We Did in August and September

August 30-September 3
    We went o
ver to Mrs. C's house.  We had cupcakes with her Mom.  Even though we almost slipped on the path we had lots of fun eating cupcakes, talking to each other, being away from school, and celebrating her Mom's 96th birthday.
    All of us made really cool pendulums.  Some of us used bouncy balls, string, yarn, golf balls, and wooden things.  We tested how many times they could swing in 15 seconds.
    We ate popsicles outside on 2 days.  We had really hot weather all week.  Some of our popsicles melted fast so we didn't get to eat all of them.
    We wrote sentences about how to stop bullying and about not being a bully.    We read the book Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon.  The book told us not to be a bully.  It's mean and it hurts feelings.
                                                                                        written by The Whole Class

September 7-10
    On Wednesday Officer Urbanski talked to us about DARE.  We got a pencil pouch and our DARE books.  DARE means Drug Abuse Resistance Education.
    On Thursday and Friday morning parents came in to eat breakfast with their kids.  We came into the classroom with our parents and our teacher took pictures.  We ate doughnuts, muffins, and fruit.
    We finally got the hair on Molly Lou.  It looks really cool.  We did some more tests with our pendulums.
    On Friday we read a book called The Man Who Walked Between the Towers.  It was about a man who liked to walk across wires.  He saw the twin towers standing next to each other and he wanted to walk across.  We watched a video on the SMART Board about the people who helped after September 11th. 
    Eric and Brad were elected out Student Council representatives.  Desirae got her name on the multiplication Mad Minute chart.
                                                                                                                        written by Savanna and Brandon

September 13-17
    The Fun Walk is a big thing to our school.  It helps earn money to do fun things and for
us to earn money to go to camp.  We had the Fun Walk on Friday.  We got T-shirts and a special lunch from Abuelo's that was messy but good.
    The mile run is a big part of our gym grade.  Some of us thought it was easy and some of us thought it was hard.
    On Thursday we had a test to make sure we knew all 50 states.  We had to know the abbreviations for each state.  We also had to know where each state is on the map.
    This week we had our first lock down drill.  It is important because if somebody did come we could get harmed.  We found out where we need to go so we are not in sight.
    Our math fact stars this week are Desirae, Megan, Mikayla, Eric, Alex, and Blake.  Our V.I.P. was Lauren.  Chase had a birthday this week.
                                                                                                    Written by Logan and Desirae

September 20-24
   This week we walked to the Maumee library and picked out books.  When we were on the way, we signaled the cars to honk at us.  It was a super long walk.

    We also sang with the kindergarten kids.  We sang “You're a Grand Old Flag.”  We heard them singing and then we asked Mrs. Bagrowski if we could sing with them and she said, “Yes!”
    This week we started taking a Quickie Quiz.  We had to tell what we read on the easel.
    Mrs. Coleman tricked us into doing a summary on “The Cheetah Daddy.”  She made us write the main idea of each section.  We thought and then shared the main ideas.  We combined all of them to make a summary.
    We started looking through our Big Red Book.  The Big Red Book is our social studies book that is red. 
    Our desks are arranged with one side in the east and the other in the west.  We have a west team and an east team.  The teams get points by doing all their homework and by paying attention.
    Our new math stars are Mikayla, Lucas, Eric, and Devin for addition.  Our VIP was Mikayla.  Kyrie had her letter read on Newsdepth.
                                                                                Written by Crystal and Arielle