Science Web Sites

  • Jungle
    • Create your own jungle ecosystem.
  • Ecosystems
    • A quick look at the world's ecosystems.
  • Build a Fish
    • Build a fish that will survive in a variety of habitats.

  • Physical Processes
    • Lots of activities to try with light, sound, forces in motion, and electric circuits
  • Electromagnet
    • Test an electromagnet and see how many iron filings you can pick up.
  • Materials
    • Activities about properties, changes in state, physical and chemical changes, and more.
  • Learning Circuits
    • Activities and information about batteries, wires, bulbs, and circuits
  • How We See Things
    • Move the mirrors and see if you can light up the things in the park.
  • Keeping Warm
    • Experiment with different materials and learn about heat insulators.
  • Alien Attack
    • Can your investigation find out who the alien is?


  • Make-a-Flake
    • You can make all the snowflakes you want. Have fun!
  • Earth, Sun, and Moon
    • See how the moon revolves around the Earth, and how the Earth rotates on its axis as it revolves around the Sun.
  • Volcanic Eruption
    • Learn about volcanoes and see what effect they have when they erupt.
  • Describing Earthquakes
    • Find out how the force of earthquakes is measured, and what happens at different magnitudes.
  • Planets
    • Watch the planets revolve around the sun -- and lots more!
  • Star Child
    • Visit this NASA learning center for young astronomers and see photos, videos, and lots more.
  • Weather
    • Try your hand at recording and predicting weather
  • Solar Basics
    •     Energy Kids give you lots of information about solar energy.

  • Virtual Pendulum
    • Swing a virtual pendulum and investigate some of the variables.

  • Fire Prevention
    • Join Sparky to Hunt for Home Hazards and design an escape plan. 
  • Ready Kids
    • Be ready for the unexpected! Games and activities to help you be prepared for emergencies.