Team Mus-Tank Racing inc. LLC POS


"The 24 Hours of LeMons is a weekend-long race for cars purchased, fixed up, and track-prepped for total of $500 or less. Each team may also face qualifying rounds such as the Marxist Parking Valet, the Widdling Rottweiler Slalom, and/or the Stoney Bike-Messenger Shooting Gallery. Generally, track racing consists of two endurance sessions, one on Saturday and one on Sunday, with a late-night intermission for sleeping, eating, and Band-Aid application in between. Count on plenty of noise, prizes, water fights, and questionably civilized fun before, during, and after the track sessions. Finally, assuming you're still standing, there's the gala awards ceremony which presents trophies, plaques, and winner's purses paid out in nickels."







 Team Mus-Tank Racing inc. LLC POS



Actual quote from craigslist ad:  "You can drag this eye sore from my yard, including the squirrel that has crawled up in the passenger floor board and died."
We took the note about the squirrel in the ad for hyperbole, but were pleased to find our mascot/ co-driver mostly intact and in place in the described location.


While haggling price with the previous owners, we explained the rotted floor and how it was important because the car didn't have a conventional "frame".  "What did you do with the frame, Bueford?!" Mom snapped at her eldest son.  The mother probably would have paid us to drag the car away.


Team Concept: MusTank Racing Inc, LLC, POS

Emphasis mostly on the Tank, although she do stank.  Additionally, she's likely to "tank" before the end of the race.  (one word, multiple meanings: Homonym)


Our Rustang, er MusTank will be painted Olive Drab with white stars, Patton style.  Spray can in hand, we'll paint the exterior to look as tank-like as possible, with tracks etc.  Our mascot/ co-driver (Merle the Mummified Squirrel) will man the confetti firing air cannon turret.


Drivers will be named on the hood (if we can get it bent back to where it will stay put):

General Disarray - Team Captian
Lieutenant Dan - Leg Man
Major Malfunction - Team Mechanic
Corporal Punishment - Team Security
Private Parts - Ladies man

Colonel Sanders 


Here she all her glory




Notice Merl the Squirrel standing guard on the dash


He's a mean fella




Proud Owners:









1.) Craigs List Ad


2.) First Start after Interior Strip, wash and tune up