AP Economics

Note: this is no longer the active website for the AP Econ course as we have shifted to Coursesites by Blackboard which is a password protected platform.

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Key Links

Essential Info About the Course
AP Econ Homework Sheets
Module One - Summer Reading
Module Two - Basic Econ Concepts
Module Three - Supply & Demand
Module Four - Measuring Economies
Module Five - National Income & Price
Module Six - Costs and PC
Module Seven - Imperfect Competition
Module Eight - Market Failure
Module Nine - Factor Markets
Module Ten - Finance
Module Eleven - Stabilization Policies
Module Twelve - Economic Growth
Module Thirteen - Open Economy
Module Fourteen - AP Review

Study Guides and Web Videos

Mankiw Review Page

Q3 Project - Country Study
GDP Project

Letter Writing Project
Music Video Project
Inside Job Assignments Page

My new AP Review Page