Booktrailers in class. 

Students at years 2,3 and 4 ESO are preparing booktrailers to celebrate Book Day in April. We are watching them these days and are looking forward to show them to parents and schoolmates. So far, they are getting to a high reaching level, even professional looks, I would say.
In a week we´ll be uploading them onto Youtube...Enjoy them and start reading.            

NOTICIAS Dña. Vanessa Jiménez Cabanillas

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     "Expo France Carmelitas 2015"
     Le 19 juin, on célèbre notre particulière Expo France grâce aux élèves de français de 4º B ESO. L´évenement commencera à 10:30 h jusqu`à 13:00h.

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NOTICIAS D. Francisco Pacheco Pinta

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    Publicado a las 20 feb. 2012 14:19 por David Olmedo
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