location dinner @ lunch time      george jerry
George is concerned he is not getting  decaf refills from the waitress

location dinner    george jerry

george tells jerry , was on a theatre date . put  his hands into his pocket to grab some money and pulled out dental floss , is obsessed his GF will obsess over this and end the relationship

george jerry     @ the del  for dinner.

george breaks up with gf , George tells jerry that he never wants to see her again but has left six rare books in the GF house. 

jerry   elaine      @ deli 

jerry great aunt just died, funeral will be the same time as the softball championships

Elaine  /  Landlord 

elaine hates her small apartment, finds out someone died in the building, she  runs into the landlord in the hall, ( in her clever way, she tries to get the inside track on the empty apartment 

george / jerry

george is baned from using the executive washroom ( at his yankee statdium job) he s super angry and seriously considers quitting his awesome high paying job. 

jerry  / elaine 

Jerry Elaine watching tv on his couch. ( flip tv remote past porn channel , its uncomfortable , because they have been dating , neither of them had come close to having sex yet.  

jerry/ elaine 

both hungry and waiting at a thai rest. ( waiting to be seated) Elaine is so hungry. Jerry bets her 50$ she would not walk up to another table and take some food off the plate of seated customers. She accepts)

kramer / jerry
at an upscale  east side eatery. 

Kramer thinks he sees a famous baseball player a nearby table. 

jerry & man on a flight from Tampa to JFK airport 

the man is going to the hospital for lung surgery , sick man asks jerry ( a stranger) to take care of his dog, while he is in the hospital for a dangerous surgery. 

@ the drug store   George / and drug store cashier

George buys medicine , accuses the checker of short changing him ( not the right $ change) . an argument starts george is thrown out of the drug store. 

jerry / elaine 

jerry sneezes again, elaine says , there should be another thing to say besides god bless you. 

elaine / george  @  her mental health professionals office ( shrink)> 

elaine had lied about having a boyfriend, pretends that George is her boyfriend, when asked to bring her "partner" into the office for therapy .

kramer/ george  @ coffee shop 

woman in the next booth is eavesdropping , the guys decide to " pretend they are gay". 

george / job interview in HR department

woman who conducts the interview , is the same one that was in the next booth @ the coffee shop , Kramer and George 
pretended to be gay, as a prank, but now George is freaked out that she thinks he is gay ( scene is at the job  interview 

george elaine @  a funeral in detroit 

eating chips , elaine notices that George is double dipping his chips and she causes a scene. 

jerry and his unknown date

jerry is on a third date with a woman, . at the dinner, he never learned her name and is trying to get 
clues to find out  her name.. 

elaine jerry  @ in a car 

after a great meal , driving home and notice the car stinks real bad. blame turns to the parking   valet 

jerry -with boss of parking valet  (part two)

jerry blames the valet for stinking up the car and wants compensation 
scene outside of the steak house

elaine/ store clerk  @ stationary store.

elaine needs to buy a replacement rola 1000 , mechanical pencil for her boss mr. pitt. the mail clerk appears to be making 
non-professional advances ( unwanted) at elaine..