I took my first class with Held2gether in February of 2012. I remember feeling really nervous, because I associated “Improv” with “funny” and I never really considered myself to be a funny performer.

Prior to H2G, I performed theatre on stage in which the characters I played were rooted in heavy drama. And honestly, I kind of thrived on that. I let all my personal struggles (from the day-to-day work stress to the heavier issues I’ve battled) find so-called release through playing characters that screamed, yelled, cried, raged, ranted, and screamed some more. As cathartic as that was in the moment of performance, it never really helped me to let go of what I needed to let go of in my personal life. That release was only temporary, and my life hadn’t necessarily improved because of it.


New game - body part / conversation 


Yes and +   one person  /  plus moderator  past/ future/ color// conflict//     agreement/   sex/  

The Conversation
the Conversation
. Two people
engage in a conversation. Two other people, standing behind
the people in conversation, represent what each person
is thinking! They verbalize the fears and dreams of the
conversational partners, for all to hear.

Conversation between grannys

The Alliteration Game....      multiple people.   

arrange by birthday  ( by height)  weight/ height     -----Arrange yourself......... car doors-----  
distance to Marco's house.