Stories account for 65% of the content in the best rated Ted Talks
Stories plant ideas in peoples brain.

Be Authentic - element of that is to appear to be having fun on stage

(1abc)   Emotional        (aa)  touch the audience in an emotional way
                                     (bb)  Present the info / content in a novel ( new) way .
                                     (cc)  Present the info in a memorable way, ( audience will not forget the content ) major points

1-b                                Have a conversation with the audience   ( either gestures, eye contact, connection with the group)
                                     Lighten up -- elements of humor in the speech , to reduce tension , allow audience to retain content better
                                     Format ,  structure,  that will help audience process the speech, Intro- body-conclusion  powerfully succinict
1-c                                Paint a mental picture -  multi media - employ other senses , props,   vocal variety  use as many senses as possible
                                     Have your jaw-dropping moment , either emotional, humor, disclosure , connection with the group
                                     All other points are meaningless unless the speaker is passionate about the subject.