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The ColdTech project is a research initiative of the NORDSATSING program of the Research Council of Norway to promote sustainable development in northern Norway. Arctic technology covers most aspects of construction, operations and living in the arctic region. Cold climate technology is technology developed to address challenges and to utilize advantages of cold climate. ColdTech is a platform to support sustainable devlopment of education in the north, networking between research and industry, competence development amongst ColdTech partners (including industry and R&D institutes and Universities), and state-of-the-art research activities. It aims to strengthen both research and industry northern Norway. ColdTech is divided into five Work Packages addressing: winterization (lead: Narvik University College), ice mechanics and ice forces (lead: Norut Narvik), atmospheric icing and sensors (lead: Narvik University College),  applied arctic technology (lead: Norut Narvik), and education (lead: Narvik University College). Key partners are Norut Narvik, Narvik University College, Luleå University of Technology, National Research Council Canada, and Norut Alta. ColdTech is lead by Norut Narvik and will operate from fall 2009 until summer 2017.


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