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All of Franchising Suffers as a Result of Kahala's Actions

posted Aug 11, 2012, 12:17 PM by Cold Stone Facts

All of Franchising Suffers as a Result of Kahala's Actions

The success of all franchise systems is based on a mutually advantageous relationship among all brand stakeholders. Typically: Franchisor, Franchisee, Vendors, Employees, Customers and Communities all benefit from a successful franchise brand.

Kahala's action against Coldstone Creamery franchisee association leaders is a catastrophe for all of franchising.

Clearly you cannot have franchising without franchisees and franchisors.

One of the foundations of any relationship, especially a franchise relationship, is mutual respect. The IFA’s Code of Ethics states IFA members believe that a franchise system should be committed to help its franchisees succeed, and that such efforts are likely to create value for the system and attract new investment in the system. IFA’s members are committed to showing respect and consideration for each other and to those with whom they do business.”

Kahala Corp. and its franchise brands don’t appear to be IFA Members, therefore they probably don’t even consider the IFA’s Code of Ethics. That is one of the reasons Fair Franchising Laws are needed nationwide. To ensure that basic American Rights are available to all franchisees.

Clearly the right to associate is an American Right, and it is Number 1 of the Universal Franchisee Bill of Rights. Kahala’s action against Coldstone Creamery Franchisee Association leaders is not only against the IFA Code of Ethics, it’s Un-American!

Endorse the Universal Franchisee Bill of rights today at www.franchiseebillofrights.org