Department Mission

SCC Mathematics Department 

The Mathematics Department aims to develop: 


  • pupil’s potential to the full
  • a positive attitude to mathematics as an interesting and useful subject
  • an appreciation of the creative aspects of the subject and of its aesthetic appeal
  • an ability to think logically and clearly in mathematics with confidence and flexibility
  • an appreciation of pattern and relationships in mathematics
  • mathematical skills and knowledge and the ability to recall essential facts quickly
  • an awareness of the uses of mathematics beyond the classroom, in business, the sciences and other disciplines
  • persistence and perseverance through sustained work
  • an ability to work on one’s own and to develop the skills necessary for mathematics at Leaving Certificate and university
  • the confidence and ability to communicate mathematically both orally and on paper
  • an ability to use ICT when appropriate
  • the ability to work as a member of a group
  • more open-ended questioning and prep
  • an interest in the history of Mathematics
  • pupils increased ability in the use of calculators and ICT