Our Sponsored Child is Zali from Mali

"It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving." - Mother Teresa

TOTAL DONATION SUM: $1415.33 USD + $28.53 (pending)


The $1.36 Campaign

The $1.36 campaign aims to testify that small actions can lead to big differences. All funds raised through this campaign will go to the Sponsor A Child program through which we've been paired with a young boy in the poverty stricken country of Mali in Western Africa. Our sponsored child's name is Zali Dijiré, and he needs our help. Each month a minimum of $28.00 USD (click here for a currency converter) must be raised to support Zali, as well as Zali's community. We believe we can achieve and surpass this goal.

Visit Save the Children: Child Sponsorship for more information.

We ask that you consider donating a minimum of $1.36 USD, or a comparable equivalent of your national currency, to this worthy cause. Please note that Paypal does collect a small commission of 2.9% + 0.30 USD on each donation transaction, hence larger donations would be welcome. NO PROFIT is being made from your donation by any of the paypal account holders. Aside from the above transaction fee, all of your donation money will be sent to charity.

When filling out the donation form, please provide us with your Coldplaying.com forum name (if you have one) in the "comments box." This will help us keep accurate records of who has donated what, and address any discrepancies if need be. If you would like to pledge to donate once a month, please indicate this in the "comments box" as well, or email coldplaying.for.charity@gmail.com to be sent donation reminders on the second Sunday of every month.

No matter what you decide to donate, your kind gesture will touch our sponsor child's life, and he will touch yours. Money will be withdrawn from the account on the second Monday of every month by lunar1126 and sent to Save the Children in the name of the CCC.

We thank you for your donations and support,

To donate, click the following PayPal button:

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Information about Zali and the region where he lives:

  • Zali is 8 years old (birthday is Jan. 1, 1999)

  • He lives with his father, mother and brother in a thatched roofed home in Gouaran, a small town in southeast Mali.

  • He is in primary school, and loves sports.

  • The average Malian earns an average only $240 a year.

  • 30% of children under 5 are malnourished.

  • For more information, please view the STC Welcome Packet (pdf) (http://oregonstate.edu/~bengalin/zaliwelcomepkg.pdf)



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1.36 // Coldplay

Stuck in a corner
Are monkeys in cages
That don't have a number
To fight one another
Try to recover

Climb up the ladder
Look up and you see birds
Blind as each other
How long can we suffer?
We're as blind as each other

On the cloud that you're sitting
There's one born every minute
So much to discover
I've become a believer

Sisters and brothers
Who fight one another
Will mourn and deceive us
Will find us and keep us
Take us or leave us

How soon is now? yeah...
How long is never?
I'm nothing but normal
With something together
Come on, stick together

On the cloud that you're sitting
There's one born every minute
So much to discover
I've become a believer

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