Photos Taken by Professional Photographers

The professional photographers in the area (see some below) all work closely with me; they will send me a digital file of your portrait for inclusion in the yearbook--you just need to tell them which photo you like.  You may choose a vertical or horizontal photo for the yearbook.
If you choose to submit a hard-copy photograph to the yearbook staff (there's a drop box in the main office), there are no restrictions as to size, color, or finish.  Wallet size pictures work best, but we can accept any size.  Photos can be black & white or color, matte or glossy finish.
  • Champlain Photography. 419 Main Street, Colchester VT.  802-310-2569.
  • Finest Image. 113 Center Street, Essex VT.  802-879-6050. 
  • Beltrami Studios.  1001 Dorset Street, So. Burlington VT.  802-863-6223.


Photos Taken With Your Own Camera

Many students opt to have their senior portraits taken by a friend or family member.  If you choose to do this, please take your photos in the highest resolution your camera allows to ensure a clear photo in the yearbook.  The best way to submit yoru own photos is to send me the picture file via email ( The file must be saved in .jpg format.  You may also submit photographs printed on photo-stock paper to the drop box in the main office.

Baby Pictures

Baby pictures should be submitted to the drop box in the main office.  It is very important that you clearly label the back of the picture with your name.  Please put your picture in an envelope before submitting it; label the envelope with your name as well. 

When we have your baby picture, we will scan it and save it as a .jpg file.  Once we have that file, we no longer need your picture.  We will keep all baby pictures until January 2012, at which point we will redistribute them all at once.  However, if you want or need your baby picture back before then, simply ask Ms. deLaricheliere.

We are also seeking pictures of the class of 2012 when they were in elementary and middle school; small group pictures work best. 

Senior Section Information

Beyond your portrait, the Senior Section of the yearbook also has space for each senior to include a quotation, message and activites.  Your quotation and message combined can be no longer than 400 characters (including spaces).  Quotations must have the speaker's name inlcuded.  Messages may not use text abbreviations, but it is OK to use initials instead of a full name.  We will include any sports or club activities sponsored by Colchester High School.  A survey will be distributed to all seniors during a Thursday TA early in the school year.