Colchester High School Physical Education

Current Activities

The physical education students are currently involved in our Canoeing and Team Building units.  

A sample of our class

Colchester Physical Education Mission Statement

The Physical Education Department in Colchester is committed to the belief that education of the total child is crucial for students to reach their fullest potential in life. In Physical Education, the child’s mental, physical and social development are inter-grated. The ultimate goal of the program is to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead a healthy active lifestyle.
At all levels, guided sequential movement is the means by which
cognitive, psychomotor, social and physical fitness goals are achieved. Activities are designed so that each individual experiences success and develops an appreciation of movement.
This philosophy and its related learning strategies will direct students toward an improved quality of life as a result of increased participation in a variety of physical activities and an understanding an appreciation of lifetime fitness


Tom Perry

Morgan Samler

Courtney Goetz