COL meeting: Oct 17th 7pm - open to the public

Post date: Oct 7, 2016 1:48:51 PM

Monday, October 17th, 7 PM at the Saranac Public House in downtown Spokane (South side of Main Street between Browne and Division). Parking meters are checked until 7 PM. Main Street in this block now has diagonal parking in the middle of the street with parallel parking on both the N and S sides so finding a parking spot should not be an issue. The Saranac is similar to Annie's but a with a bit more private of a meeting area and a wider menu, better lighting, etc.

The meeting agenda is below :-)

COL Club Meeting Agenda:

1) Introductions - Including Shaun and Stephania Wuesthoff (The owners of the Inkler's Point launches)

2) Old business & Recently Flying

3) Steptoe Butte State Park Updates

4) Guest Speakers the Wuesthoffs (topics to include future plans for Inkler's Point, Opportunities for a Chewelah Fly-In and KXLY's Jewels of the Northwest).

5) Discussions on Chewelah area flying.

NOTE: As time allows we may discuss Weather Instruments for 2017.