COL Meeting 2/6/17 - 6pm

Post date: Jan 27, 2017 5:47:18 PM

Longhorn BBQ link



--Who's new? Plus, your 'new' COL Chapter Officers.

Steptoe Butte State Park

--There will be a mid-February public meeting in Colfax by State Parks to discuss future plans for Steptoe Butte State Park .... stay tuned for the date/time/location.

WAC 352-32-130

--This Washington Administrative Code is slated to have "hang gliding" added during the first half of 2017 ..... another 'stay tuned'.

Inkler's Point Bonfire

--Planning for actual site, food, beverages, whether we can fly (snow, road), etc.

Spokane Outdoor Expo

--More planning! We need volunteers to host the booth - particularly Saturday afternoon and Sunday. TheExhibitors list is growing (including us). We'll have a chance to showcase our sports to other outdoor enthusiasts.

Hang and Para Instruction!

--Five Valley Hang Gliding and Aerial Paragliding! Getting to know our closest options for learning to fly.

Inkler's Point News

--Weather instruments and USHPA Flying Site Insurance.