Chelan Classic- new XC hang glider pilot orientations during the June 20-21 weekend,

Post date: Mar 21, 2015 6:46:14 AM

Whether you have never experienced the joys of XC free flight or simply want to grow your skills, you will not want to miss the upcoming chances to grow your XC skills before and during the 2015 Chelan Cross Country Classic and US National Open Distance Championships! How are your launch skills on a flat slope launch on a 100 degree day? Do you know where to sniff out your next thermal after crossing the beautiful Columbia? How do you read the changing conditions during the day? Do tractors really trigger thermals? How do you discern the right place to land if you lose the lift out on flats (we all have)? Learn all the answers and more.

We are planning three things to help you grow. First, there will be new XC hang glider pilot orientations during the June 20-21 weekend, a week before the competition starts and another orientation on Saturday the 27th. Second, we will have several expert speakers during the evenings after flying or perhaps morning breakfasts during the meet discussing launches, landings and XC flight. Third, we are encouraging less experienced XC pilots to pair up with seasoned veterans during the Classic for mentoring. You can use the Facebook page to search for and find the mentoring (

Please note that in order to fly at the meet, you need to be a current USHPA member and have your Intermediate rating with special skills for turbulence, restricted landing field, cross-country and flat slope launch flying (TUR, RLF, X-C and FSL). Novice rated pilots can only fly with attentive sponsorship by a qualified Intermediate or higher rated pilot, and then only in the mellower early or late day conditions.

So please stay tuned as our plans develop. This year’s meet could be your chance to achieve a new personal best and grow your skills!

Paul Dees (helping organize these events with Matty Senior, PG pilot)