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Take Back The Tap

Colby College together with Food & Water Watch is working with students throughout the country to Take Back the Tap. Combining efforts with student organizations, the Take Back the Tap campus campaigns highlight the social, economic, and environmental problems with bottled water and aim to raise awareness and rid campuses of wasteful bottled water.

A bottled water backlash is stirring on campuses across the country. Whether it’s the plastic waste generated by empty bottles, the health concerns surrounding lenient regulations on bottled water, or myth the tap. On campuses, concerned citizens are passing student body resolutions opposing bottled water, launching awareness campaigns, removing bottled water myth that consumers are getting more bang for their buck, students, faculty and staff are working together to take back from campus, and using creativity to get the word out.


Water Rights Teach-In

The Colby College Environmental Coalition, together with Food & Water Watch will be hosting an educational “Teach-In” on water rights in Maine on February 9th, 2011.  The teach-in is part of the nationwide Take Back the Tap campaign, which highlights the social, economic, and environmental problems with bottled water and aims to raise awareness and rid campuses of what it deems a wasteful and unnecessary product.

A “Teach-In” is a type of educational forum that is focused on a current political or social issue and aims to reach out to and engage a broad and diverse audience. Teach-ins are intended to be practical, participatory, and action oriented. The focus of this teach-in will to combine education and action in order to bring about change on campus regarding bottled water sales. The Colby Environmental Coalition believes that in order to enact change, it is first necessary to educate students, faculty, and staff about the negative externalities pertaining to the bottling industry and large-scale water extraction.