Research interest:  Language Design and Notation
 Research :    [Expressive Programming, Embodied Cognition] 
                            [Algorithmic Information Theory, Universal AI (Marcus Hutter),
                             Defining Beauty and Novelty (Schmidhuber)]  
                            [Category Theory, Functional Data Structures, Diagrammatic Notations and Languages]    
                            [Distributed Ledgers, Distributed Hashing]
                            [Feature Representation, Unsupervised Learning, Topological Data Analysis]                                        
                            [Nondual TOEs (Theories of Everything), Data structures for abstract chemistry,
                             Universal Design Principles and Scaling Laws (e.g., West, Bejan)]

All research solely for formal/programming language design. Heavy emphasis on notation and homoconicity.  

Research from my time as a PhD student at Duke below. 

Colbert Sesanker,
Oct 9, 2015, 2:19 PM