Welcome to the CoLa e-learning platform

“English language learning for construction workers”!


Here you can learn basic English that is divided in three themes:

-          Construction work in general (9 lessons)

-          Health and safety on construction sites (6 lessons)

-          Everyday life and at the work place communication (5 lessons)

The e-learning platform has been developed for use by people that already work in construction industry or who intend to work there and who have no or very little knowledge of the English language.

Each lesson consists of three learning steps

-   prepare for the lesson          

-  watch the video        

-  do the language work (grammar/vocabulary/pronunciation exercises) . 

 Now you can start. We wish you all the success.


It is very easy to use this e-learning platform. You will enjoy it!

Below on the right side of this page you can open the following documents (by clicking on the corresponding text fields):

·         paper version of quizzes

·         table of topics and themes

·         video scripts

Using this e-learning platform is very easy !

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N°4: this is the topic's lesson with its quizzes and video. 
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Enjoy !