Collaborative Text Editor

This webpage was made as a part of the HCI Design Patterns Project. 


Our Pattern language is about designing a Collaborative Text Editor. It consists of 24 patterns in total, separated over four levels in a top-down hierarchy.


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Team Members

Nitesh Goyal

Torsten Palm

Denise Erasse

Claas Digmayer

Daniel Korioth


Listing of all the 24 patterns is given here. These patterns will open up in a new window.

Root: Collaborative Text Editor

Group A  A.1 WYSIWIS

A.2 Personal Customization

A.3 Multi-Shared Clipboard

A.4 Font Adjust

A.5 Window Adjust

A.6 Undo 

Group B B.1 Group Coordination

B.2 Explicit Rolefilling

B.3 Task List

B.4 Voting

B.5 Collaborative Chat

B.6 Annotation

Group C C.1 Awareness

C.2 Activity Notifier

C.3 Collaborative Scrollbar

C.4 Collaborative Pointers

C.5 User List

C.6 Marking

C.7 User-Specific Sound 

Group D D.1 Synchronization

D.2 Versioning

D.3 Locking

D.4 Snapshot