We will be studying about customs and traditions in our classroom during late November and December.

If you would like a preview of our upcoming Traditions project, please look at the attachment found at the bottom of this page. :)

Both our classroom and country are like beautiful mosaics of art, combinations of many different backgrounds and customs. We also have a lot in common. This unit allows students to share things that they treasure and value with their classmates.

A tradition is something special that is done in a certain way at a special time. Sometimes it is based on an ethnic culture, sometimes it has to do with where you live, sometimes it is tied to beliefs, and some times it is meant to celebrate a rare occasion. Here are some different websites and a few scavenger hunts that you can visit to learn more about different cultures.

We will discuss traditions from:
Divali, Hanukah, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Kwaanza, Ramadan, and others, too. :)

Web sites to learn from: - Christmas Traditions From Around the World
Christmas Scavenger Hunt:
Christmas Fun and Games:

Web sites to learn from: -History of Chanukah -Dreidal fun
Chanukah scavenger hunt:

Web sites to learn from:
Ramadan scavenger hunt:

Divali or Diwali legends of Diwali  A Terrific site for kids!
Deborah Coker,
Oct 31, 2010, 10:46 PM