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White Tennis Balls are classy, stylish, and old-school preppy. They are a must for complete white attire when you are playing tennis. Perhaps you have the shoes, the shorts, the shirt, and maybe a hat, that are all white. Then surely decorum dictates having one or more generous tubes of four pristine, unmarked White Tennis Balls to make it all complete. 


In the 20th century, White Tennis Balls, often unsullied by imprints promoting a sporting goods company, were standard. However, near the turn of the 21st, they became very rare. We are making their understated elegance available again. When you take out our clean White Tennis Balls, housed in a clear tube unbesmirched by commercial shrink-wrapping, people will know that you mean business.

In 2007, the idea was brought to life and White Tennis Balls begun, turning the tradition of classic tennis into a new norm.


Please email c_brokaw@aol.com; specifying size of order and the shipping address.  (On shipments outside the U. S., please email ahead to ask for additional shipping costs.) For email orders, we will email an invoice to you with a link that permits payment via credit card or PayPal.


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™ ____ One 4-ball tube: $10 + $10 shipping and handling = $20 total each

™ ____ Four tubes (16 balls): $33 + $15 shipping and handling = $48 total each

™ ____ Fifteen tubes (60 balls): $100 + $24 shipping and handling = $124 total each

™ ____ Thirty tubes (120 balls): $185 + $30 shipping and handling = $215 total each

Total payment: _________________

USTA and ITF rules (p. 18) stipulate that balls can be either white or yellow. 

Type 2 medium-speed balls. Pressurized.

Manufactured in the Kingdom of Siam and Mainland China.

Our balls also appear in plays, store display windows, and are used as protectors under furniture and walking aids. 

Our White Tennis Balls in action:


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