Tasker / Locale Plug-in

Orientation Control v.1.4 and above includes a Tasker / Locale plug-in that can be used to switch orientation based on Tasker contexts / Locale conditions. Upon installing Orientation Control, the plug-in will be visible within Tasker / Locale. This part of the application requires either Tasker or Locale, a separate app that has to be purchased. You will not get this functionality without either one of those apps.

Plug-in Visibility
  • Create a Tasker profile and choose any number of contexts. Add a task to the profile and locate Orientation Control under the Plugin action category.
  • Add a Locale situation and add any number of conditions. Add a setting to the situation and select Orientation Control from the list.
Plug-in Usage
  1. Pick an orientation from the drop-down box. This will be the orientation that will be switched to when contexts / conditions are met within Tasker / Locale.
  2. Check or uncheck the Show Toast checkbox to enable or disable showing a toast message when the plug-in is fired.
Known Bugs/Limitations
  • Choosing Orientation Control as an application context / condition will cause the task / setting to fire when Orientation Switch (Selector Mode) is run.
Extra Notes
  • Because Tasker / Locale considers the selector mode of Orientation Switch as an application context / condition, the plug-in will fire everytime selector mode is manually run for manual orientation changes while inside an active application context / condition. This results in manual orientation switches to be overridden by the profile / situation. 
  • As a work-around to the problem, the plug-in has been coded with a 3 second rule where it will not fire for the 3 seconds after a manual orientation change by selector mode is performed. This should virtually have no impact on the performance of the plug-in. Should you encounter any problems due to this behaviour, please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail (coinskasad AT gmail DOT com).