FIFA 17: FUT Mode Ultimate Team Guide

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Take the notebook and take note: here are the best tricks and tips to get the most out of the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team.

Ultimate Team mode is practically a game other than FIFA 17 , or so at least it deems EA Sports. Every year, more and more people are targeted to the vice of buying and selling players, as if it were cards, and for this reason we are going to give you some basic tips to get you started on this journey.

First of all, we recommend that you go by guides Career Mode , of how to attack and defend better and configuration controls and cameras , then you will be very useful in your early stages with this release. In this guide of FUT we will help you get more coins and gifts and you will have easier to help in creating your template.

Defines a base template to create

Obviously, when we start Ultimate Team we will not have from the beginning the team of our dreams; That is something that we will achieve with the passage of time. At the outset, the best we can do is to think about what kind of template to create: let it be all the players in the same league, the same nationality or a hybrid of both.

In FIFA 17, chemistry is very important, since the greater the rapport of your team, the better your players will perform. The maximum of chemistry is 100 and, to get it, influence several factors such as those mentioned championship and country. Having a full set of cracks that have no relationship will adversely affect the playing field.

In our case, we always create first of a LaLiga Spanish, since it has players cheap and with good valuation, although the Russian, Italian or Turkish leagues are very interesting as well. To give you an idea of ​​how it would be, just generate a conceptual template and go by placing cards until it is to taste. Of course we can not practice with it, it will serve nothing more than to make a visual.

We advise that during the first few days of the launch of the game, do not register many players in the transfer market, since their prices are somewhat inflated and will decrease over time. And maintaining a second team is critical, if you do not want to spend your coins on physical cards or injuries. Take care of your team in all aspects, have enough contracts (always apply to the letter a contract of the same color) and power their skills with training of their attributes.

A final note regarding the contracts: if we sign several gold managers under the same league, see Simeone, Luis Enrique or Zidane for example, when applying a new contract to our player we will receive an extra bonus in the form that this one Be effective for more party.

Spend well on coins

To get coins in a fast and efficient way, if we enter the EASFC catalog we can unlock very attractive improvements for our Ultimate Team. Depending on the EASFC level, we will get aids up to 1000 coins per game, up to a total of 10 or 15. This is not unlimited, but we will win a huge amount of coins playing only matches. Challenging the team of the week will also provide us with a good boost of our account, always choosing a high level of difficulty.

Another way to get them is 'trading' players. For example, often EA Sports organizes tournaments with succulent rewards where it imposes nationality requirements: at that time, certain players are sold more expensive than their usual price, being able to profit from the situation to get an extra. Also, if we are very attentive to market movements, we can take advantage of buying cheap players and then resell them at a higher cost. The benefits are very high, the problem is that it needs time to know all the ins and outs of the tradeo.

In addition, participating in FUT Draft will reward you very pleasantly if you are the one who usually wins matches in this modality. The final prizes give us quite expensive envelopes and, with a bit of luck, we will touch things with which we can benefit from their sale. Of course, we do not advise you to spend coins in the gold envelopes of the store, since the percentage of letters that are discarded is higher than that of a Griezmann or Kun Aguero.

If you have more questions about FUT Draft, check out the Gamereactor Guide FIFA 16 Ultimate Team last year .

FUT Champions and Template Creation Challenge

The biggest new features for FIFA 17 Ultimate Team this season are two game modes, FUT Champions and Template Creation Challenge. In the first, the premise is clear, just play games during the daily days with your FUT team and win enough to qualify us in the weekend tournaments. If we win, we will enter the monthly FUT Champions final to try to conquer it. Depending on how far we've come, they will give us even more attractive rewards than in FUT Draft, so we strongly advise you to participate in it.

Regarding the challenge of creating templates, weekly EA Sports will propose a series of challenges in which, by filling a team under some tax requirements, we will get envelopes, coins, equipment and even special players' cards. We must bear in mind that the whole set of letters introduced in that challenge, will be lost forever, so we must evaluate at all times whether we are interested or not.

Download FIFA 17 Companion on your Android or iOS

Perhaps this trick does not know many people, but if you access daily FIFA 17 Ultimate Team from the application FIFA 17 Companion on your smartphone we give away envelopes and coins. This is somewhat temporary, but during other stages of the year EA again offers free content, so watch out. The app also serves to manage everything related to your club or interact with the transfer market. Here are the links to Google Play and iTunes for download.

From Gamereactor we wish you luck on your journey with Ultimate Team. Do not forget to help with this guide in your beginnings, leave your suggestions to other readers and be aware of how this modality evolves. Arming your true "Ultimate Team" without external aids is a real challenge.