COINs2014 Seminar

Tracking the Emergence of New Ideas through  Social Network Analysis

Joint seminar with Aalto University Helsinki, Illinois Institute of Technology, MIT, University of Cologne, University of Bamberg

The emergence of online social networks opens up unprecedented opportunities to read the collective mind, discovering emergent trends while they are still being hatched by small groups of creative individuals. The Web has become a mirror of the real world, allowing researchers in predictive analytics to study and better understand why some new ideas change our lives, while others never make it from the drawing board of the innovator. 
In this seminar you will get the opportunity to lead and work in a wide range of projects doing analysis of large corpora of digital traces of human activity, in particular the Web, Blogs, online forums, social networking sites, e-mail archives, phone logs, and face-to-face interaction through sociometric badges. In our research we have identified interaction patterns of successful teams and organizations through dynamic social network analysis. On the global level, you will learn to correlate Web sentiment with macroeconomic indicators, and Blog buzz with the outcome of political elections. On the organizational level you will compare performance metrics such as revenue, productivity, peer ratings, and customer satisfaction with e-mail network metrics in a variety of settings. On the individual level you have the opportunity to employ sociometric badges as a powerful tool that can connect the impact of behaviors such as speech patterns with business outcomes. 
Diversity begets creativity – in this seminar we tap the amazing power of swarm creativity on the Web by studying and working together as Collaborative Innovation Networks (COINs). As interdisciplinary teams of computer science and information systems, design, and MBA students we will explore how to discover latest trends on the Web, and how to make them succeed in online social networks. 
Students will be asked to do preparatory readings. There will be an initial one-week block course where the introductory materials will be taught. During class, small teams will be asked to present an overview of research topics based on the papers listed on the Papers & Resources page, and do a first analysis of their own online and e-mail networks. In the second half of the seminar small student teams with members from all participating institutions will work on their own trend analysis, prediction, and viral marketing projects using Web mining and dynamic SNA tools and methods, gaining invaluable insights about global virtual collaboration and about themselves as members of cross-disciplinary global virtual teams. 
Teams will work on a project with an industry partner either in
  • Marketing (Coollhunting, brand tracking, stock trend prediction)
  • Organizational Analysis (Coolfarming, analyzing and optimizing organizational networks)
This is a demanding course, as it combines skills from many interdisciplinary fields: 
  • Social network analysis 
  • Using our own tool Condor for analyzing online social networks 
  • Statistical methods, Data Mining and Filtering 
  • Software development 
  • Concept visualization and information modeling 

OpenCourseWare (OCW) version of the course is here

The COINs2013 Web site is here
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