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Jacqueline Hershman


I am originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Although I have not traveled outside of the United States, I have traveled extensively around the United States.  The countries I have a desire to travel to are Australia, and New Zealand as well as any island in the Caribbean particularly for their efforts in ocean conservation.

Academic Background
Savannah College of Art and Design - MFA Candidate - Design Management 2012
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Bachelor of Fine Arts - Graphic Design  2010

Professional Experience
In the last two years I have worked as a graphic designer for my undergraduate university as well as worked in the Interactive Marketing - Commercial Division at Shaw Industries.  I also work as a freelance fine artist in drawing and painting.

Areas of Interest
I spent the vast majority of my life dancing and performing, because of that I have worked with a lot of musicians.  I also have a passion for scuba diving and have a desire to continue doing the sport consistently in the next year.  I would like that knowledge and passion to transfer over into my thesis which I would like to spend on ocean and freshwater conservation.

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