Coimbra 1998


Coimbra '98 - Daniel Reckward [Germany] - Kyosho / RB / Medial Pro

the track was supposed to be a new venue but some trouble with planning and local council

 stopped that so it was changed to be at the 1993 Euro’s track which was very bumpy back then,
so some changes were made to the track to make it bigger and wider with a tarmac chicane section

 with a long straight running diagonally in the middle of the track.
Not a perfect set up to run a WC but the organizers did their best with what they had.
About 20 from USA out of 40 places a first WC for Greg Degani (Laro) his nickname “The Toe” and

 Richard Saxton (Mugen) his nickname “the King” from the film Any Sunday II, they both will tell

 you the story behind their names I’m sure.
For the Brits it was first time for Steve Haynes(Mugen) nickname “old Dog” he will tell you that one.
He bumped up from the 1/64th final to finish 4th in the world and the drive in my eye’s of the WC!

 I do believe that this was the first WC to have the raised pit lane. 

Marshalling was not too bad. 

I had a good qualification making 15th one place out of semi final which went to 

Richard Saxton in the last round by 1 point. 

But he did a good job and got through to the final. Laffranchi 

was TQ with his Kyosho MP5 and this time the format was TQ went straight into 

the final with fastest 5th place from both semi’s went through to place number 10.
This didn’t help Alex much as the track had changed from his 10 minute practice 

he had before the semi finals and you could see how quickly he lost places. 

Also a first time for Miguel Matias (Kyosho) at his home race which he made the final 

and led for the first five minutes until engine problems.Daniel Reckward

 was the man out front driving Kyosho, 

he got about a 5 second lead and kept it for about 20 minutes then seemed to fade and let 

Philippe Lachat with his Laro catch and pass him and leave him at the 

50 minute stage everybody thought Lachat had it in the bag but Reckward 

pulled it back and overtook him with about 2 minutes to go, 

a great final and a first win for RB engines! 

A good party with everybody getting very drunk and I think this is when 

Richard Saxton decided he would go for the next WC in Vegas,
while biting heads off BBQ’d Sardines! 

I remember Richard talking to his 

team manager Steve from Mugen Seiki Japan, he said what problem have you got with your hire

 care? Richard replied it has an oil leak,
how bad is it Steve asked? Richard replied you pour the oil in and 

it comes straight through the bottom!!! Richard forgot to tell him they were 

off-road driving it and tore the sump off. 
You could see where Richard was driving it as there was black oil 

everywhere till it blew up! 

Tyre choice was Medial Pro, 


Fonte :