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Experimental Alternating Magnetic Field Electronic Device (Doug coil machine)

   Coil Machines LLC manufactures standard Doug coil machines for experimental use.  This device is capable of producing an alternating magnetic field with frequencies ranging from approximately 20 Hertz to 2200 Hertz.  There is a direct relationship between the frequency being used and the voltage in the coil although the amperage of the current in the coil remains constant at 15 amps except at high frequencies (such as 2112Hz) when 15 amps cannot be attained.  A frequency such as 432Hz can easily be used for 20 minutes without significant heating of the coil.  As the frequency is increased the resistance of the wire in the coil to the passage of increased levels of electric current results in faster heating of the coil.  A frequency such as 832Hz can be used for 15 minutes without significant heating. The 200 gauss magnetic field produced by the copper wire coil alternates or oscillates at the chosen frequency.  Frequency refers to oscillations or reversals of the magnetic poles per second.  The QSC - 1850HD amplifier is the heart of the Doug coil machine and supplies the wire coil with electric current.  The power output of a coil machine is approximately 750 watts.  The amplifier is regulated by the Instek SFG 2004 frequency generator.  The amplifier is purchased independently by coil machine buyers for a lower price than is available to the online public ($430 which includes shipping in the U.S. except for HI and AK).  Details will be emailed upon ordering your coil machine.  The Instek SFG 2004 frequency generator will be supplied with your coil machine.  

   The Doug Coil Machine

   The electronics component is housed in a hand-crafted red oak frame and panel cabinet that fits exactly on the top of the amplifier.  The amplifier and cabinet together are 11 inches high.  The body of the amplifier is 14 1/2" deep x 17 1/2" wide - this does not include the rack mounting flanges at each corner. The coil is hand wound and is mounted on an oak coil stand.  The coil is 9 inches in diameter with a 6 inch diameter hole in the center and weighs approximately 14 lbs. with the oak stand.  Also included is a multimeter (voltmeter) used to measure voltage with alligator-clip test wires.  The multimeter shown below is for illustration purposes - the meter included with your coil machine is very similar but any multimeter that can measure 1.5 volts of alternating current can be used (it must have alligator clips on the ends of the test wires).  All directions for setup and operation are included along with unlimited phone and email support.  The cost for the coil machine is $1135 plus shipping (the amplifier is purchased independently) for the coil and stand, the voltmeter, the electronics cabinet, and the frequency generator.  The shipping varies with distance from PA ($35 to $60) by UPS.  General Electric recently raised prices on their high voltage capacitors, in some cases as much as 325%, so the cost of a coil machine increased by the amount of the increase for parts, which is $115.  The coil machine consists of two boxes - one contains the wire coil,  oak stand,  frequency generator, and voltmeter and weighs 26 pounds while the other box contains the electronics cabinet and weighs 20 pounds.  The QSC 1850HD amplifier will be shipped directly from the vendor.  The total cost for a coil machine buyer is $1135 + $430 for the amplifier  = $1565 + shipping.  Please email   to order a coil machine. 

  The Guarantee

   If for any reason you want to return your coil machine within six (6) months of delivery to you, Coil Machines LLC will send you prepaid labels to return all components (in undamaged working condition).  The returned items will be inspected for damage and upon finding undamaged components, a check for the total amount you paid will immediately be issued to the buyer.  Your satisfaction is essential.  There is also a 2 year warranty on the electronic components housed in the oak cabinet and the coil.


   A coil machine is very easy to setup and operate.  Five wires exiting the back of the cabinet are attached to the back of the amplifier as well as two wires from the signal generator.  The only tool required is a # 1 or #2 Phillips screwdriver.  Although the directions should be sufficient for setup and operation, a phone consultation may be helpful for you - please ask - there is no charge for unlimited help.


   Your questions are welcome.  Please email at


FREE CD  -  "Build Your Own Doug Coil Machine"  

   Building a Doug coil machine is presented on the CD as a PowerPoint tutorial presentation.  It consists of 150+ pages and 160+ photographs taken during the actual building of a coil machine.  This machine differs from the picture above only in that the coil machine illustrated on the CD was built for a cart.  The cost for postage, mailer, and blank CD is $2.  Please email to request the CD (include your mailing address).  This is the same tutorial that has been offered on the lyme-rife/yahoo health group forum.  The price for all components (including the amplifier and frequency generator) to build your own coil machine is approximately $1265 but some components can be upgraded to increase the total cost.  Feel free to email questions as you plan and build your Doug coil machine.


Disclaimer Information

    1.  Coil machines are not approved for the treatment of any disease or condition  by the Federal Drug Administration or any other government, public, or private agency.  No cure or improvement of a medical condition is promised or implied.

   2.  Coil machines are not recommended for use on humans since the effects have not been completely researched and are not completely understood. 

    3.  Women who are pregnant and anyone having a pacemaker should not use a coil machine.

    4.  Precautions regarding electrical devices and magnetic fields should be taken.

magnetic fields can scramble data on hard drives, cell phones, flash drives, and credit


    5.  Coil machines are for the experimental investigation into the effects of electromagnetic frequencies and magnetic fields.

    6.  Users having serious medical conditions should seek the advice of competent and trained medical personnel before purchasing or using a coil machine. 


     7.  Do not substitute the use of a coil machine for competent medical advice and counseling.

     8.  It should be understood that human biological responses to coil machines are not fully researched.

     9.  It is understood that the user is responsible for experimental investigation and accepts all responsibility for the use of this device.

   10.  The user of a coil machine cannot hold the manufacturer of this coil machine responsible for any consequences that may result from this device.


   11.  The voltages in a coil machine can reach high levels especially when operating with higher frequencies.  Do not open the cabinet while the coil machine is plugged into an electric recepticle.  Capacitors can store electric charge even after the machine is unplugged and are not safe to touch after a coil machine has been operated until sufficient time has passed to allow the electricity to dissipate naturally.