Dr. Rhianna Rogers and Dr. Andrew Hashey
COIL Conference New York, New York - Spring 2018

Module Description and Reuse in Multiple Courses:

This module was originally built to support the collaboration of SUNY Old Westbury Professor Dr. Hashey's Positive Behavioral Supports and Interventions course and SUNY Empire State College Professor Dr. Rogers' and Anthropology of Art course.

As the world continues to become more interconnected through commerce, education, and politics, the need for developing intercultural competencies is even more critical. Rogers and Hashey hoped that by facilitating a deeper understanding of each individual's culture, we could better prepare module participants to develop their awareness of intercultural similarities and differences (e.g., the role of sensitivity and adapting thinking and towards ability/disability, linguistic proficiency, privilege, gender, culture, learning approaches, and other variables), and foster the growth of the intercultural competencies necessary to participate fully in our increasingly diverse and interconnected world.  

This module is reused in multiple courses.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Identify intercultural competencies and their connections to learning;
  2. Develop solutions to challenges surrounding inclusiveness in the context of a collaborative online international learning (COIL) module.

Online Environments:

This module will be delivered entirely via this Google website; however if used elsewhere, you may also be required to log into a Learning Management System to complete other assignments (Blackboard, Moodle, or something else.) Consult your professor if you have additional questions.

Copyright 2017. Dr. Rhianna C. Rogers and Dr. Andrew I. Hashey