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Jenny Zenith is a character on the Liberty server of the multiplayer online game City of Heroes.

 Jenny Zenith

Emp/Dark Defender

Founding Fathers 


Judge Jenny

Dark Melee/Regen 

Little Sisterhood

Jenny Mensa

Illusion/Emp Controller

Founding Fathers

Jenny Zenith's School of Medicine


Helpful Info for Building a Healer

 Jenny is not the most awesome healer ever, but hopefully these tips will be helpful to someone new to the craft.


Old Librarian's Guide to Binding 

Key Binding With Old Librarian

 Want to know how to slap people and make that little bubble go over your head when you type stuff?  Old Librarian will teach you how to bind your keys like a pro.


Fun Stuff 

  Jenny's Screenies

 My favorite online moments recorded for all to enjoy. 

 Why Is This Game So Addictive?

 My thoughts on why I keep logging on.

Jen's Favorite Supergroups

 The Founding Fathers

 The Founding Fathers is a friendly supergroup, lead by our founder, Perez Patriot.    It has an absolutely beautiful  SG base, and a variety of amiable members.    Jenny  has been with the Founding Fathers since I was a noob, and it has been one of the most enjoyable parts of the game for me.

Founding Fathers Screenies

 Founding Fathers Official Website


The Sisterhood

The Sisterhood is an amazing supergroup with a bold style that is unique in City Of Heroes.   The core members are extremely active, they have three SG bases and an incredible website with forums that get daily postings,  in-game teaching events, contests and so on.   However, the Sisterhood isn't for everyone....   No men need apply, since  the Sisterhood is for girls only.    In addition, you must be at least 18 years old. 

The SIsterhood Official Website


Old Librarian's City of Heroes Links

City of Heroes Game Info Links

There are tons of sites wtih helpful info on the game.   Here are Old Librarian's favorite places to go for into on powers, badges, advice, etc.



Hades Executive Strike Force



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