Lobster Recipes


Homard a La Nage with Fennel

Made this - one of the best dishes I have ever made or eaten – a simplified version of Joel Robuchon’s recipe – the fennel I added is a plus – Cheryl (my wife) called it adult candy.


1) Make Court Bouillon - Add 1.5 cups Riesling, 4 springs thyme, 2 sprigs tarragon, 2 chives, salt, pepper, 6 peeled baby carrots, 10 white peppercorns, 2 two inch pieces lemon peel (no white part).

2) Cook 5 minutes

3) Add 1 small shallot sliced very thin, 

4) Cook 5 minutes 

5) Add 1.25 pound female lobster (no rubber bands) 

6) Cook 2 minutes 

7) Remove lobster

8) Remove peppercorns, lemon and herbs from vegetables, strain vegetables and set aside, reserving liquid.

9) Remove claw meat and tail from lobster – cut tail in half lengthwise and make spirals out of each half, securing with skewer. Place roe and liver on side. Save any juice from bolster with roe and liver and with any fat

10) Salt and pepper lobster

11) Puree roe, liver, fat and juice in blender 

12) Strain roe mixture through fine mesh strainer, place in small saucepot 

13) Add 2 tbsp cream to roe liver mixture and cook for 3 minutes (do NOT let boil) and set aside 

14) Cook lobster tail 1.5 minutes per side and claws 1 minute per side in unsalted butted. 

15) Sautee vegetables ¼ cup sliced fennel, ½ cup yellow squash,¼ cup fresh peas in butter separately until a point

16) Place vegetables on warm plate 

17) Remove lobster and place covered in warm place, discard butter. 

18) Add lobster looking liquid to lobster sautee pan, add 1 tbsp lemon juice and reduce for 2 minutes 

19) Add roe, liver mixture and cook for 2 minutes – taste for salt and pepper.

20) Place vegetables on plate, lobster on top and spoon sauce over – serve immediately with excellent French bread.


Lobster Ragout

Serves 8


for court bouillon:

green tops of 3 leeks, well rinsed

2 soup carrots, sliced and cut in 2

1/2 cup white wine

2 cups water

5 white peppercorns


one 3.25 pound lobster

2 cups heavy whipping cream (must be heavy whipping)


5 fresh carrots (very important) peeled and cut in 1 cm cubes

2 leek white and light green parts, well rined and washed

2 tbsp unsalted butter


1) boil court bouillon 5 minutes in pot large enough to hold lobster

2 ) add lobster and cook 9 minutes, remove to large metal bowl, strain court bouillon and set aside

3) pull off tail and claws and place on cutting board that can hold juices

4) chop meat into 1 inch cubes

5) reserve liver to bowl

6) reserve fat (large white globs) to bowl

7) reserve juices to bowl

8) reduce cream by 60% in saucepan - should be very thick - almost like a fondue

9) sautee carrots until brown, remove to bowl

10) sautee leeks, remove to bowl

11) take 2 cups court bouillon and lobster liquid and reduce 2/3 until almost too concentrated

12) add fat, cream and liver and cook, correct sauce

13) add lobster meat and carrots and leeks and warm (no more than 4 minutes as the lobster will toughen)

14) serve in ramekins with bread

If you get a female lobster, you may add the roe, this will make the flavor even more unusual