Duck Recipes


Chinese French Duck

2 tbs peanut oil
1 whole duck, trimed of extra fat, wing tip removed, head and neck removed
2 cups rice wine
1 cup chicken stock (low salt)
6 dried black mushrooms
20 dried cherries
1 tsp oriental 5 spice powder
1/4 cup sliced young ginger
4 tbsp butter
10 baby bok choy, bottom 1/3 inch removed.

1. Heat oil in wok
2. Brown duck on all 4 sides until light brown and much of fat has rendered
3. Remove duck to bowl
4. Remove oil from work (very good for frying potatoes or steaks)
5. Add duck and any juices to wok with ginger, rice wine, black mushrooms, dried cherries, oriental 5 spice powder,
6. Cover and cook 45 minutes
7. Turn Duck over
8. Cover and cook 45 minutes
9. Remove duck to cutting board, remove backbone, cut into 4 pieces
10. Place all liquids in fat separator and pout off, leaving fat behind
11. Add sauce and butter to wok, cook and correct for salt and pepper.
12. Add Bok Choy and duck
13. Cook for 5 minutes until bok choy barely wilted.
14. Serve with rice or potatoes

Duck Breasts with Chocolate Poblano Sauce

    4 half duck breasts

salt and pepper

2 tbsp butter, cut into 4 pieces

1 tbsp butter

3/8 cup thinly sliced shallots

2 squares 71% Valrhona Chocolcate (roughly 2 oz), chopped

1.5 tbsp skinned, cooked poblano peppers

1. Trim duck breast and cut through skin

2. Chop skin and place in large skillet, render until crispy, remove

3. Salt and pepper breasts

4. Cook skin side down over high heat until skin is crispy (5 minutes), turn and cook 3 minutes

5. remove to pan, top with butter, cover and rest for 5 minutes

6. Sweat shallots in butter

7. add chocolate until melted

8. add poblano and drippings from rested duck

9. Slice duck into 1/2 inch thick slices and serve with sauce. 


Quick and Easy Duck au Vin and Duck with Polenta after Ludo

1 whole duck cut into head, 4 quarters, feet.

Bouque garni (garlic clove, thyme, 2 bay leaves)

1 bottle red wine

olive oil

2 carrots, chopped

1/2 onion

1/2 slice smithfield ham, sliced thin

3 tbsp cold butter in 3 slices

1. place duck on bottom of enameled pot with bouquet garni

2. sautee carrots, sweet onion in olive oil, add to duck with ham

3. Cook at 450 degrees, 1 hour, 400 degrees, 1 hour

4. Strain out solids, reserve, remove bouquet garni

5. Place liquids in defatter, remove fat

6. add 1/2 cup liquid to saucepan, mix in butter, add 2/3 cup vegetables

7. plate and serve

Alternatively, Ludo Style

1. Chop duck and place on bottom of cup with 2 tbsp 

2. Place 2/3 cup polenta on top

3. Add 2 tbsp sauce on top

Spring Duck Legs with Vegetables

1. Brown 12 salted and peppered duck legs in Le Cruesset, remove from pan
2. Add greens of 3 leeks (reserve whites) to Le Cruesset, legs on top, 2 shallots, skinned and halved, 4 bay leaves, white wine to cover (1.5 bottles)
braise 2 hours, covered
3. remove shallots and mince, reserve
4. remove liquids and defat separating into fat and jus, reserve both
5. Brown 7 fresh carrots (.75 inch cubes) in 1 tbsp fat and 2 tbsp butter over high heat
6. add white parts of leeks (cut into 1 cm on a side squares), barely cook
7. add shallots, jus and duck, coat and serve