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Message from the conference chairs:

The Villa Conference on Complex Oxide Heterostructures (ViC-COH) aims to provide an interdisciplinary forum for a diverse of researchers working on synthesis, theory, modeling, and characterization of functional complex oxides, bridging materials research and applications. International scientists with common professional interests in oxide materials will gather in a friendly and informal atmosphere to share both recent developments and their new ideas about revolutionary approaches that promise materials with new functionalities and behaviors. In a different setting than a typical hotel, the upscale villa accommodation is adopted to foster intensive discussions around dinning tables, swimming pools, and spas.

The conference style is reminiscent of the Gordon Research Conferences (GRCs), which are well recognized for their effectiveness in promoting communication between scientists in a setting other than one would find at large scientific meetings. While GRCs prohibit direct publication and reference to the conference in publications, we are encouraging open-access to all information presented at Villa conferences, regardless whether given in a talk, a poster, or the following conference proceedings.

ViC-COH is designed for discussions both in small groups and plenary sessions, to stimulate in-depth understanding of new materials discovery, design, synthesis, and characterization, on both experimental and theoretical issues.

In this year’s conference, recent advances in materials design at the atomic-scale to tailor interfacial phenomena that control the macroscopic physical properties will be the main focus. In particular, new emerging physical phenomena in complex oxide thin films and heterostructures with functionalities designed through controlling and understanding the interactions of electrons, phonons, photons, atoms, ions, etc. are of great interest for future oxide electronics. Special emphasis will be also given to complex oxides for energy technologies. Both experimental and theoretical issues of nanoscale phenomena that promise materials with new functionalities and/or unobserved behaviors will be discussed.
Ho Nyung Lee (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), ViC-COH 2008 Conference Chair
Gregory J. Salamo (University of Arkansas), ViC-COH 2008 Conference Co-Chair
Zhiming M. Wang (University of Arkansas), ViC-COH General Chair
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