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Artists Alley/Vendors

Amanda Martinez: Amigurumi Crafts!
Amanda is a Cogswell student who loves to crochet. Putting her talent
to good use she crafts, creep & cute, octopi monstrosities. There is no 
limit to her creative inspirations, crocheting everything from pokemon
to slender-man. Check out Amanda's Etsy Profile or follow her blog!

Michael&Anthony Sardi: Pipe cleaner Statues!
The amazing Sardi brothers work hard to create many pipe cleaner pieces
of your favorite cartoon characters. They even do commissions and encourage 
patrons to watch as the create each statue, in as little as thirty minutes! Check 
out their Deviant Art Page!

Halzee Herms&Katie Fortune: Sketch and Art Stuff!
Cogswell students/artist these two friends have decided to show off their
unique art styles that they've been working hard to refine at school. Here is

Tiger's Tangibles: Anime Collectibles!
Are you a fan of Anime? Do you like to collect cool prints, key-chains, figures,
and other awesome stuff? (We're sure you do, but we need to ask anyway) Then 
check out this vendor for all sorts of cool and rare finds. Looking to get a
head start on all those goodies? Head to their Facebook Page and take a look now!

Ratgirl Productions/Pawstruck Suits & More: Squeak with Unique!
Just like their motto Ratgirl Productions is truly unique company. They 
craft and sell all kinds of art and collectibles. Check out the Facebook Page
and see what's going on today!

Sugar Clay Cafe: Cute that's "Fresh out of the Oven"!
Probably the sweetest vendor attending, Sugar Clay Cafe makes sweets you
can wear! Not only that, but you can find unique jewelry, clothing, and decorations
that smell as sweet as they look! Don't believe us? Check out their Website and

Creepy Town MiniaturesSomething Different for Your Battlefield!
Now here is a booth for the table gamer. And they don't just sell game 
stuff, but other cool goodies too! Check out their Website!

Yobanja!: Making games for everyone!
A small group of game developers/Cogswell alumni based in the San Fransisco Bay Area
dedicated to making fun and interesting experiences. They are known for 
the popular App game Blast Monkeys. Find them at their Website.

Amelia Davis: Comic Artist Extraordinaire!
Amelia is one of Cogswell's proud Alumni. Known for her signature style an art piece
by her will always stand out. Her most popular work is Unusual Tuesdays, her self published
webcomic. Check it out and if you like what you see then hit up her Website.

Gaz Davis DeWolfe: The best thing since sliced bread (in comic artist flavor!)
Gaz is a talented comic artist from over seas and happens to be married to Amelia! Gaz has been
working on his own webcomics and has written stories spawned from his over imaginative mind. 
Check out his youtube channel or his Deviant Art Page and see him in action!

Ronin Collectibles: Bringing you a little taste of Tokyo!
Do you like toys, games, videos or anything anime related? If the answer is yes then your going to
love Ronin Collectibles. Check out their Website and see all of the cool stuff they have to offer!

Eric Fanali: Rockage!
Eric has been working hard creating his own awesome event Rockage! 
Rockage: San Jose is a celebration of indie music & retro gaming produced 
by Grand Fanali Presents. Rockage is more than just an annual event- They support 
indie musicians and gaming culture on the West Coast year-round. 
Check out the Facebook Page!!!

Laurel Planas: Anipan Specialist
Laurel is an independent artist with a taste for bright colors and wonderfully 
youthful style. Check out the Anipan Page and judge for yourself.

Jackie Lo: Comic Artist
Jackie is a Bay Artist from Oakland. Graduated from the California College of the Arts
as an illustration major, she strives to become a comic artist. 
Her main tools of choice are pen, graphite, markers, and 
Adobe Photoshop. Check out her Website.

Jasmine Ho: Independent Art Extraordinaire
An artists who draws influences from anywhere and everywhere!
She seems like something cool check her our on Deviant Art Page.

Handy Lee: Author
Handy Lee is an author that enjoys writing and illustrating stories 
and characters packed with extensive world-building, humor, 
and of course personality. Handy wrote Our Architect to encourage 
others to never give up on yourself. Here is her Website