COGS9 Introduction to Data Science

Spring 2017 @ UCSD

Instructor: Jason Fleischer

TTh 6:30-8PM
Copley International Conference Center (CICC) 101

A draft syllabus is available here:

In this class I will introduce you to the following topics:
  • What are data, information, and knowledge? How are they related? 
  • How data science can inform or misinform
  • Using Python for data science
  • A gentle introduction to analysis methods: Statistics, inference, & modeling
  • Applications of data science: Culturomics, social networks, text-mining, geospatial analysis
  • Beyond data: Human-based computation, automated science, machine learning
  • The art of data science: visualization and storytelling
  • The role of data science in science (and industry)
  • The ethics and implications of a data-driven society