COGS 202

COGS 202 Schedule and Slides

Links to journals and conference proceedings for possible presentation paper selection

Class meets in CSB 003  Monday 1-2  unless otherwise specified  What the Frog's Eye tells the Frog's Brain  (Lettvin, Maturana, McCulloch and Pitts, 1959)  Feature Discovery by Competitive Learning (Rumelhart, Zipser 1985)  Finding structure in time.  Cognitive Science, 14, 179-211. (Elman 1990)
Elman, J.L. (1993). Learning and development in neural networks: The importance of starting small. Cognition, 48, 71-99.  elman_cognition1993.pdf

oi=    An introduction to Kernel-Based learning algorithms

 DATE  Leader  TOPIC
 SLIDES/ link to paper
 Mar 29       
 Virginia de Sa
 Intro and brief history of computational neuroscience
 Apr 5  
 Jake, Whitney
 Early Computational Neuroscience What the Frog's Eye tells the Frog's Brain
 Apr 12
 Burgu, Mike
 Unsupervised learning (Early neural networks)  Feature Discovery by Competitive Learning (Rumelhart, Zipser 1985) Short(ish) paper (required) Short(ish) paper (recommended) Long chapter (just for reference/interest)

 Apr 19
 Mike, Burcu, Jake
 cont'd  from above and V2 model
(vision model) v2 model paper
 Apr 26
 Crane?, de Sa
 Importance of starting small (development model)   Importance of starting small
 May 3
Ed Hutchins, Whitney, Olinda, Sandra

  HutchinsJohnson2009.pdf Hutchins & Johnson 2009    (required paper)  HutchinsHazlehurst1990cultprocess.pdf recommended background
HutchinsHazlehurst-lexiconlearn.pdf recommended background
HazlehurstHutchins1998EmergencePropositions.pdf  recommended background
 May 10
 Sandra Weber,Tyler
 Hopfield papers (old and new) (memory model)
  hopfield.pdf  Hopfield 2009 paper Classic (1982) paper Useful applet to play with

 May 17
 Phil, Long,Tyler
 Bayesian paper (Higher level model paper) Motion Illusions as Optimal Percepts
 May 24
 Angela Yu, Phil, Long, Olinda, Crane
 Information maximization
see email for instructions.  Angela will email you a paper to prepare for Terry's talk in the information maximization
workshop.  Webinar instructions here   
You will watch Terry's 1:30-2:30 talk together and then write a group report (led by the leaders)

 May 31