Pleasurable Activities



1.  Tend the garden.
2.  Listen to music.
3.  Read a book.
4.  Go for a walk in a natural setting, such as the woods or a park.
5.  Watch a movie.
6.  Help someone.
7.  Watch sports.
8.  Exercise.
9.  Play a board game.
10.  Watch children play.
11.  Play cards.
12.  Ride a bicycle.
13.  Go for a run.
14.  Visit a friend.
15.  Call someone on the phone.
16.  Sing a song.
17.  Play a musical instrument.
18.  Play a computer game.
19.  Surf the internet.
20.  Watch the sun rise or set.
21.  Draw or paint outdoors.
22.  Take photographs.
23.  Write a letter to someone you love.
24.  Get a massage.
25.  Visit a new place.
26.  Go to an amusement park.
27.  Dance.
28.  Go for a car ride.
29.  Build a model.
30.  Fix something that is broken.
31.  Work on your car.
32.  Attend a lecture.
33.  Go to a museum.
34.  Enroll in a class.
35.  Learn a new craft.
36.  Walk on the beach.
37.  Solve a brainteaser.
38.  Make a videotape.
39.  Go to the library.
40.  Go to a cafe.
41.  Prepare a healthy meal.
42.  Meditate.
43.  Listen to a relaxation tape.
44.  Go hiking.
45.  Go fishing.
46.  Go swimming.
47.  Attend a political rally.
48.  Pray.
49.  Have a pleasant daydream.
50.  Make love.
51.  Take a bath.
52.  Contemplate your career path.
53.  Start a collection (of books, coins, dolls, etc.).
54.  Go shopping for new clothes.
55.  Go to a comedy club.
56.  Go camping.
57.  Arrange flowers.
58.  Chop wood.
59.  Go to a concert.
60.  Redecorate a part of your home.
61.  Follow the financial markets.
62.  Educate yourself in some aspect of your profession.
63.  Go to the racetrack.
64.  Go to a casino.
65.  Go to a nightclub.
66.  Write a poem.
67.  Play with an animal.
68.  Go to a party.
69.  Go scuba diving.
70.  Do volunteer work.
71.  Go bowling.
72.  Go to the theatre.
73.  Get dressed up.
74.  Play chess.
75.  Go skating.
76.  Go sailing.
77.  Plan a trip.
78.  Join a club.
79.  Play a musical instrument.
80.  Go sightseeing.
81.  Go to the beauty parlor.
82.  Join a discussion group.
83.  Go out to a restaurant to eat.
84.  Have a sexual fantasy.
85.  Write in your journal.
86.  Go on a picnic.
87.  Do a crossword puzzle.
88.  Read the bible.
89.  Go to a religious service.
90.  Go horseback riding.
91.  Put together a jigsaw puzzle.
92.  Study your schoolwork.
93.  Birdwatch.
94.  Make a fire in the fireplace.
95.  Repair something.
96.  Participate in a discussion.
97.  Read the newspaper.
98.  Do an activity with children.
99.  Play a game of pool.
100.  Perform a community service.
101.  Look at the night sky.
102.  Go out for ice cream.
103.  Have a glass of fine wine (if you do not have a drinking problem).
104.  Figure out how something works.
105.  Go skiing.
106.  Go look at new cars.
107.  Go to a country inn.
108.  Go rock climbing.
109.  Play golf.
110.  Go boating.
111.  Walk around the city.
112.  Go to the zoo.
113.  Go to the aquarium.
114.  Go to a mall.
115.  Invite a friend to visit.
116.  Go to the mountains.
117.  Tell a joke.
118.  Do yardwork.
119.  Play a word game.
120.  Play frisbee.
121.  Go to the library.
122.  Smoke a pipe or cigar.
123.  Sew.
124.  Attend an auction.
125.  Give to charity.

126.  Do woodworking.
127.  Watch television.
128.  Listen to talk radio.
129.  Look at the stars through a telescope.
130.  Have your fortune told.
131.  Brush your hair.
132.  Join a political group.
133.  Go to a twelve-step meeting.
134.  Go out on a date.
135.  Practice yoga.
136.  Go to a martial arts class.
137.  Rake the leaves.
138.  Go to a bookstore.
139.  Go window shopping.
140.  Finish some task you have been putting off.
141.  Fly an airplane.
142.  Observe animals in the wild.
143.  Go to the ballet.
144.  Fly a kite.
145.  Have a conversation.
146.  Learn a new song.
147.  Build a bonfire at night.
148.  Sit on the porch and watch the world.
149.  Organize something (your closet, books, music, tools, etc.)
150.  Send someone a fax or e-mail.
151.  Go to sleep on clean sheets.
152.  Manage your finances.
153.  Invent a healthful drink.
154.  Visit a planetarium.
155.  Play tennis.
156.  Play a lawn game (croquet, badminton).
157.  Experience your five senses, one by one.
158.  Dress up in a disguise.
159.  Smile.
160.  Light a candle and watch the flame.
161.  Prepare a lovely table for a meal.
162.  Look at beautiful pictures in a book.
163.  Hug someone.
164.  Make tea or hot chocolate.
165.  Sit in the lobby of a beautiful old hotel.
166.  Listen to the rain.
167.  Walk in the rain, stepping in puddles.
168.  Skip.
169.  Go on the swings.
170.  Eat something sweet.
171.  Take a sauna.
172.  Buy or make someone a present.
173.  Throw a party.
174.  Prepare an elaborate holiday celebration.
175.  Buy or make yourself a present.
176.  Get a pet.
177.  Go for a long walk with your dog.
178.  Learn how to work an electronic device (cellular phone, VCR, computer,     answering machine, etc.).
179.  Install a new computer program.
180.  Read the encyclopedia.
181.  Refinish a piece of furniture.
182.  Play baseball.
183.  Have a barbecue.
184.  Act.
185.  Play football.
186.  Put lotion on your body.
187.  Take a shower.
188.  Go to a video arcade.
189.  Bake.
190.  Play volleyball.
191.  Get a good night's sleep.

192.  Stay up all night watching movies.
193.  Carry out an assertiveness exercise.
194.  Go for a train ride along a scenic route.
195.  Visit a relative.
196.  Talk politics.
197.  Conduct an experiment.
198.  Play soccer.
199.  Practice listening well to another person.
200.  Make someone laugh.