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Chih-Chiang Chiu, MD, PhD

邱智強 Chih-Chiang Chiu, MD, PhD

Address: No. 309, Songde Road, Taipei, Taiwan

Email:   Tel: 02-27263141 ext 1346


Chief, Department of Community Psychiatry, Taipei City Hospital, Songde Branch

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Taipei Medical University


1980-1987 M.D. National Taiwan University, Taiwan

2006-2010 Ph.D. Section of Epidemiology, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, UK


1999-present: Board for General Psychiatrist, Taiwan

2007-present: Board for Geriatrics, Taiwan

2008-present: Board for Geriatric Psychiatrist, Taiwan


情緒穩定之憂鬱症及躁鬱症老人和一般老人之比較:兩年期追蹤研究 (國科會 2009.8-2012.7)

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