Syed Ahmed Faran



I completed my undergraduate studies from FAST-NUCES in Telecommunication Engineering and completing masters from SEECS-NUST in Communication Systems Engineering. Currently i am working in the Cognet Lab at SEECS-NUST as a Research Assistant.

  • BS (Telecommunication Engineering), FAST (National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences), Islamabad, Pakistan. 2009.
  • MS (Communication Systems Engineering), SEECS (National University of Science and Technology), Islamabad, Pakistan.

Research Interests:
  • Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Wireless Ad-hoc Networks
  • Cross Layering Protocols
  • MAC Techniques in Cognitive Networks
Research Progress:
Working on discussion of how prediction sharing of primary user (PU) spectrum usage renders performance of cognitive radios (CR)s in ad-hoc wireless networks. Prediction methods such as Markov chains have been used a lot in research to predict the PU spectrum usage fashion. We discuss problems associated with knowledge sharing of future PU spectrum usage in CR ad hoc networks. We see how spectrum sensing errors produce unreliability if future predictions of PU spectrum usage pattern are shared in a cooperative manner. We discuss sub-optimal solution that uses cooperative behavior without rendering the network information too unreliable. Finally we give a tentative MAC design that supports prediction sharing in CR ad hoc networks.

  • Internship @ BSS planning - Mobilink (GSM)
  • Internship @ RAN Wateen (WiMAX)
  • Research Assistant at Cognet lab