FALL 2011

    Sept 6       New grad students orientation

  *Sept 13      Nicolas Shea (Faculty of Philosophy, Oxford)
                     "Reward Prediction Error Signals are Meta-Representational." [Abstract]
    Sept 20     
Eric Taylor (Dept. of Psychology, Yale)
                     "Reasoning about Missing Information during Causal Learning and Classification"

    Sept 27     
Daniel Casasanto (Dept. of Psychology, The New School)
                     "Different Bodies, Different Minds: The body-specificity of language and thought"

    Oct 4         Christopher Chabris (Dept. of Psychology, Union College)
                     "Three Surprising Facts about Individual, Heritable, Human Intelligence"

  *Oct 11     
   Nicholas Humphrey (London School of Economics)
                     "Soul Dust: The magic of consciousness"

    Oct 18        Professional Development Workshop
                     "Applying for/finding/creating a postdoc and being one (how does it work, how to make the best of it...)"

    Oct 25        Canceled: No talk

    Nov 1         Canceled: No talk

    Nov 8        
Kevin Ochsner (Dept. of Psychology, Columbia)
                     "Emotion, Regulation and Empathy: Basic mechanisms and their translational applications"

    Nov 15       Dan Kahan (Yale Law School)
                     "The Tragedy of the Risk-Perception Commons: Culture conflict, rationality conflict, and climate change"

    Nov 22       FALL BREAK

    Nov 29    
   Francesca Gino (Harvard Business School)
                     "Memory Lane and Morality: How childhood memories promote prosocial behavior"

 SPRING 2012

  *Jan 10      
Robin Clark (Dept. of Linguistics, Pennsylvania)
                    "Strategic Indirection: Grice meets Goffman"

    Jan 17       Lila Davachi (Dept. of Psychology, NYU)
                    "Memory's Fate: Associative memory formation and organization"

    Jan 24       Alan Anticevic (Dept. of Psychiatry, Yale)
                    "Characterizing Emotion and Cognition in Schizophrenia: Towards computational neuropsychiatry"

    Jan 31       Timothy Vickery (Dept. of Psychology, Yale)
                    "Decoding Decisions and Reward in the Human Brain"

  *Feb 7         Kai von Fintel (Dept. of Linguistics, MIT)
                    "Imperative Puzzles"

    Feb 14       William Hirst
(Dept. of Psychology, The New School)
                    "Social Aspects of Memory: The role of conversations in inducing forgetting and forming collective memories"

    Feb 21       David Badre (Dept. of Cognitive, Linguistic, & Psychological Sciences, Brown)
                    "Prefrontal Cortex and Hierarchical Control of Behavior"

    Feb 28       Sharon Thompson-Schill (Dept. of Psychology, Pennsylvania)
                     "Cognitive Control, Conceptual Retrieval, and Creativity"  [Abstract]

    Mar 6         SPRING BREAK

    Mar 13       SPRING BREAK

  *Mar 20      
Susan Carey
(Dept. of Psychology, Harvard)
                     "The Origin of Concepts: Causal Representations"

    Mar 27      
Nathan Novemsky (Yale School of Management)
                     "How Attention Influences Similarity Judgments AND How Feelings During Goal Pursuit Influence Evaluations"

  *Apr 3         Dorothy Cheney (Dept. of Biology, Pennsylvania)
                     "The Function and and Mechanisms of Cooperation in Non-Human Primates"

    Apr 10       Andrea Patalano (Dept. of Psychology, Wesleyan)

                     "When and How We Choose: Information search and self-perceived indecisiveness"

    Apr 17       Presentations by 1st year students

                     - Chaz Firestone: "The Psychological Reality of Shape Skeletons (as revealed by the world's simplest psychology experiment)"
                     - Sam Johnson: "Does Wine Make You Dream? Intransitivity in Causal Judgment"
                     - Becky van den Honert: "Understanding Neural Interactions with Dynamic Causal Modeling"

* Cognitive Science series