Subterranean Challenge

Robotika is the first team to qualify in DARPA Subterranean Challenge - Virtual Track! Robotika also scored at STIX event in a real mine in Colorado (Systems Track) and at the full competition in Pittsburgh PA!

The goal is to develop systems capable of (semi-)autonomous operation in tunnel/cave/underground environments to improve situational awareness during, for example, disaster recovery.

Cogito Team designed and built one of Robotika's robots for "real world" (Systems Track) end-to-end, from hardware through autonomous behavior to interaction with human operator, and helped Robotika to get the Virtual Track ball rolling. We are contributing our expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, autonomous robotics and generic software engineering. Our robot, Freyja, successfully navigated autonomously several hundred meters deep into a coal mine not known beforehand and returned back to the human operator.

You can see our progress at Robotika's site.

Cogito Team's robot, Freyja

Robotika/Cogito Team's Homologation Video

Systems Track in Pittsburgh, PA

STIX Event in Colorado

YouTube Video

Virtual Track