Robotour 2018

Cogito won Robotour 2017, now it is time to do even better! 

Robotour is an outdoor robotic competition, in which robots deliver, fully autonomously, a beer keg within a park. They have to avoid hitting obstacles (such as people or other robots) and have to stay on paved road. Manual intervention is not allowed. The competition serves as a great test of robot's autonomous capabilities and as a steering function for research in autonomous robotics.

In 2018, for the first time, robots will also have to interact with organizers of the competition. Organizers will load the cargo and tell the robot where to deliver it. For the first time, robots will also be allowed to detect that something went wrong with them and call for help. In that case, robot's attempt is over, but at least it does not get penalty points for hitting something or for leaving the road.

Cogito focuses on robustness and reliability this year. Although completing two rounds out of four and getting some points in the remaining two was sufficient to win the competition in 2017, it may not be in 2018. A fully autonomous robot should also do far better than two out of four.

Clementine running Robotour Marathon

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