Robotour 2017

Robotour - outdoor delivery challenge is a competition where robots fully autonomously (no manual control) deliver beer kegs within a city park. They are judged by their reliability, not by speed. It is a pre-step to autonomous car driving. Robots are smaller than a full sized car (20 kg without load in Cogito's case), but have to deal with all the other things that an autonomous car would have: They have to localize themselves, navigate towards a given destination, stay on paved paths and avoid hitting people, other robots or other objects.

Cogito is a team intertwined and branched from other robotic teams, such as Short Circuits Prague, Eduro and Cogito MART. Altogether, we have more then ten years of experience with Robotour and other robotic competitions, bringing home several medals in the past. We hope to get one more this time ...

Update: Cogito won!
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Jirka Isa,
Sep 12, 2017, 1:45 PM