Cogent Realty Advisors, Inc. is an independent licensed real estate broker that represents New York City business owners that lease office space. Cogent works on behalf of Tenants only and do so on a no fee basis.

Our Tenant Representation Services include:
• Leasing offices, lofts and retail spaces
• Renewing and re-negotiating lease terms
• Marketing surplus space through a sublease or assignment
• Buying/selling commercial property.

Cogent Realty is first and foremost a service business and our success is based on having positive relationships with our customers and the real estate community at large. We provide intelligent and honest real estate advice to our valued customers and guide them with the same care as we do our own business.

Give us a call to learn more about office space in New York City (212) 509-4049.

Cogent Realty
1 Pennsylvania Plaza
New York, NY 10119