The George Mason University "Conference on Governance" was started in 2007 by Dr. Eric Shiraev. This program aims to give students from all walks of life, a chance to discuss foreign policy challenges with leading experts.   These experts entail military leaders, ambassadors, and renowned research scholars. Additionally, the conference seeks to enlighten students on the level of comprehension needed in order to obtain a career in: the Federal Government, NGOs, think tanks and other related fields.  Although the conference looks at foreign policy, there is always diverse and stimulating debate about other international relations issues. The conference's main organizers are comprised of a student committee overseen by Dr. Shiraev. These committee members are undergraduates that study Government & International Politics. They hope to one day work within the International Community. From everyone who has worked on this conference: "We hope that you find this event informative and enjoyable". - GMU Conference on Governance Committee

Dr. Eric Shiraev



2012 - 2013 Student Committee 

Chair - Jennifer Cookson

Stephanie Cassidy                                     Karina Arango                                 Patrick Greenwalt                            Mary Kazarian

Krystle Hintz                                               Adam Hamza                                   Samatha Hughes                             Zi Yang

Alzahraa Mirza                                            Sauad Al-Saleh                               Leena Halabi                                   Codie Hammond

Marisa Rieger                                             Mike Essiaw                                    Isabelle Pollack